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Cst on the radio, or streamed live via our free device app. How to witness effectively without arguing ebook 9781619581067 by wilbur lingle. Book of mormon surpisingly to some, the book of mormon likewise teaches that there is only one god in all of existence. One is to demolish mormonism in an apologetic way, the other is to expose mormonism in a theological way. As christians, we always want to use the bible and its timeless truths as our primary tool in. Following are several resources from our estore that can offer you additional help for witnessing to mormons. A christians guide for reaching latterday saints, by daniel g. According to mormon teachings, god was once man on another planet and became a god through obedience. As a preface to this answer, please see our article on mormonism and what mormons believe. Witnessing to mormons the bible corrupted first of all, mormons are taught that the bible has been corrupted through the years and is no longer reliable. Ever since leaders of the church of jesus christ of latterday saints better known. To the uninformed christian, a witnessing encounter can be a very frustrating.

Land of the giants witnessing to the demon possessed ray comfort the the devil. Ray comfort s ministry has been commended by franklin graham, josh mcdowell, bill gothard, david wilkerson, joni eareckson tada, and many other christian leaders. If you think its the end of the conversation, i have some good news for you. An easy way to witness to mormons and jehovahs witnesses. The way of the master is a fastpaced, awardwinning tv program with a reality television twist. Witnessing to mormons to dedicated mormon 1212005 on reading your comment, i think of three things, first of the monkeys with hands over ears and eyes, second the praise that there is neither jew nor gentile, slave nor free in christ jesus, last that all of our works are nothing but filthy rags in the face of an omnipotent god. How to witness to a jehovahs witness, by ray comfort. Witnessing to mormons christian research institute. Watch more free videos and get other resources by ray comfort and the living waters team. Witnessing to mormons excellent overview article by a person whos been doing it for over 30 years. Living waters apologetics play all each apologetic clip is taken from a different episode from the way of the master tv show hosted by kirk cameron and ray comfort. Compiled by seasoned evangelist ray comfort, its innovative format makes it especially easy to use. Here is what many christians do when they start witnessing to the mormons. How to witness to mormons our philosophy of ministry by eli brayley there are basically two ways christians witness to mormons.

As im sure you know, the bible repeatedly warns us about the battle between truth from god and lies. The mormon concept of the trinity acknowledges not a threeperson godhead but. Ray comfort says mormons, jehovah witnesses offer nothing. Therefore, you are going to have to get off the beaten path if you want to make headway with the mormon missionaries. How to witness to a closedminded person kirk cameron. We accept christs atonement by repenting of our sins. Information on islam, hinduism, and mormonism is reprinted with permission by the north. Cbs video screenshot evangelist ray comfort has claimed that mormons and jehovah witnesses would not be able to offer anything to a dying person, because they believe salvation to heaven has to be earned. The occasional words of comfort we hope will put a smile on your face and console you if you sometimes do dumb things. Verses to know when witnessing to mormons rays cbnc.

They can be used as an outline that can be expanded if necessary. If there were only two bible verses that you had to know when witnessing to mormons, i would recommend that you know isaiah 43. Ray comfort leads this familyfriendly talk show, tackling some of the toughest questions about god, the bible, and hot topics that skeptics and believers alike wrestle with, in a profound and often humorous way. Cheat sheet for witnessing to mormons importance of knowing searching scripture to test beware of the heart god and jesus 1. Many couples have love and marriage which the famous song says go together like a horse and carriage. Its proven and practical guide which includes questions, answers, conversation starters and other great witnessing tools that will help you speak to mormons. Mormons are racked with shame in believing they have never done enough for god and because of this they also believe that if they died today. How to witness to mormons,whitney hopler read more about spiritual life growth, christian living, and faith. The other is answering challenging mormons questions by michael w. Mormons believe that the family relationships between husband and wife and between parent and child can be made eternal by the authority of the mormon priesthood. The manual in this teaching set contains photocopies of select pages from the original 1830 book of mormon with copies of the same passages from recent editions. Were available to take your call monday through friday, 11am est 7pm est. In a day when christians are too often silenced by the questions of skeptics, the evidence bible will help you be prepared to give an answer.

The evidence bible hardback the evidence bible books. While they are not essential to our salvation, they are important for our comfort, guidance. And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their. These tracts are meant to show the difference of what they believe with true christianity and to give a christian answer to various religions and cults 1 pt. Ray comfort, a native new zealander, began his ministry with a burden for.

Witnessing to mormons with love by angie dean 2 table of contents origins of mormonism page 3 test your knowledge page christianity vs. On the box with ray comfort is a daily monday through friday live, 27minute, webbased talk show hosted by ray comfort and the living. Please note that this is a reproduction of one of ray comfort s monthly articles. But for a marriage to work, the horse and carriage need to be heading the same way. Christians believe jesus was and is the eternal god, the second person in the trinity, equal in nature with god the father and the holy spirit. He begat spirit children through his various wives.

Mormon terminology handouts for witnessing life after. A witnessing approach i learned from the pulpit for several months on sunday mornings, my pastor also an outstanding radio apologist taught the book of hebrews to the congregation. Craig blombergs top ten things jesus would say to mormons summary. In response to such claims, show that the bible has been copied and translated accurately, and that modern scholarship has vindicated the reliability of scripture. Posted in witnessing tip of the day, tagged false doctrines of mormonism, racism in mormon church, witnessing to mormons on 05102016 leave a comment. Stand up for the truth is a onehour live radio program to share the news of the day that affects the christian faith. In this video, ray shows you how to witness to a mormon. We will discuss these methods in more detail, but first. God is flesh, and jesus is a created being the first of gods spirit children. I could not feel more satisfied if the entire whitmer family had testified, to some of the more modern pdf documents that may or may not have been hastily cobbled together and placed on the internet. Evangelist ray comfort talks noahand the last days in an interview with cbs, published on march 20, 2014.

Ten of the top scientific facts in the bible is a halfhour of aweinspiring and faithbuilding video, filled with ancient biblical truthsthe earths free float in space, the dinosaur and. Watch more free videos and get other resources by ray comfort and the living waters team at look us up on. The only ray of light is, that when a christian presents. Whether you share your faith a lot or a little, the lord wants christians to share the message of the gospel of jesus christ. One utah pastor aims to resolve these problems, and give christians tools to overcome. Watch the dividing line be drawn when ray shares the fundamental difference between mormonism and christianity. How to witness to a jehovahs witness by ray comfort.

Tract evangelism uses gospel tracts to present the gospel. Pdf the church of jesus christ of latterday saints, their three. References books and websites that go into greater depth and detail. In the missionary guide, a manual used by the mormon. Remember when witnessing to the mormon you are simply planting a seed, the holy spirit is the one that does the convincing. Posted in witnessing to mormons, tagged 12 points in witnessing, 20 tips, cult, mormonism on 11082016 leave a comment. Witnessing to mormons plus a testimony by converted mormons. Kirk has teamed up in ministry with ray comfort through living waters, an evangelism outreach that equips christians who want to evangelize by training them. Inotherwords,forallpracticalpurposes,itis what one christian expert on mormonism, bob witte, calls mission. Youll find it to be an invaluable tool for becoming a more effective witness. Video of live training session on reaching mormons given by joel b groat in ephraim, utah.

It focuses on jesus, the gospel, and uses scripture. Info on the jehovahs witnesses, mormons, roman catholics, and more. Pdf in recent years scholars have expanded their investigation into the. Ten of the top scientific facts in the bible youtube. On the box with ray comfort is a daily monday through friday live, 27minute, webbased talk show hosted by ray comfort and the living waters team. Those who frequently witness to mormons seem to gravitate to one of three different approaches. And they claim to have support for their views in the bible.

Ray comfort witnesses to oscar, whom happens to be a mormon. Box 8500, charlotte, nc 28271 phone 704 8878200 and fax 704 8878299 1 statement dm501 witnessing tips witnessing to mormons some first principles by marian bodine when witnessing to the mormon it is vital to select and concentrate on an isolated topic for discussion. Christians want to reach their mormon neighbors with the true message of jesus christ, but many times end up pushing them away because they just cant understand the lds faith. Since most mormons have been in their church for years. Watch more free videos and get other resources by ray comfort and the living. Lesson pdf downloads school of biblical evangelism. Mormonism page 20 mormonism theology chart page 22 what is the test of a true prophet page 23 the false prophecies of joseph smith page 30. We receive countless emails and phone calls on a daily basis asking us how to witness to a friend or loved one in mormonism. Lds church have not promulgated a speci c theology of tourism, and. The problem with witnessing to mormons stand up for the. Jehovahs witnesses, mormons, muslims, and others say jesus was merely a human prophet, an angel, or some other created being. In the index at the end of the evidence bible, on page 1715 under the word witnessing, ray comfort lists several groups and how to witness the gospel to them. You are about to share the gospel with someone, and he says, i dont believe in god or the bible, its all bogus.

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